About - Exposing Shadows

I am Kerri,  a photographer based in Northern Ireland.

Music has been the main focus of my life since I was a teenager. Live music is, for me, the best way to appreciate all an artist has to offer. Whether it is a small local club or the main stage at an outdoor festival, I am happiest when watching a live band.   

I have enjoyed taking photos at local concerts for the past 10 years. I feel that  live music photography is about capturing what makes a gig special. Sometimes it is single moment, others can be the overall atmosphere. On this website I have included images that I feel best demonstrate this.

Each artist is different, each show is special,  each photo unique. 

I am a photographer for Moshville Times, Overdrive and the resident photographer for Belfast Metal promoter The Distortion Project.

I am also affiliated with Grindscene Records, Northern Ireland's leading extreme metal label. For bands on the Grindscene roster I provide promotional materials including promotional band shots, flyers, CD inlays, short videos and full length music video production.

Many thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the site.

Kerri \m/

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